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I’m a web developer/designer, writer, photographer, and digital graphics artist – in interchangeable order. Well, the web developer part usually comes first.

I began my first online journal in 2000. Blogger was in its infancy then; we put our thoughts on the web ‘old school’ by creating a template from scratch, then formatting each ‘post’ without the convenience of a Dashboard. I closed the journal in 2002 after I began building websites professionally. I previously built personal websites as a hobby, beginning in 1996, when the web was a toddler. The old journal has since migrated to several different servers in the last thirteen years, but now lives on an undisclosed server.  I currently maintain one blog, scammersuncovered.com, with more blogs soon to come.

In addition to blogging and writing web content, I also write fiction in several genres: science-fiction/fantasy, mainstream, and romance. I’ve self-published one novel, Sleuths of Sorcery (written in collaboration), available in several formats, including print. I’m currently working on a time-travel/paranormal romance, an alternative history novel (in collaboration), and an erotic thriller. I also write erotic romance under a pseudonym.

My ultimate goal is to put Writer before Web Developer when asked what I do for a living.

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